Sunday, 8 November 2015

Book Clubs

I've always fancied joining a book club.  I'm an avid reader, I always have two books on the go (on paper and one audio) and I enjoy talking to friends about books we've read.

Unfortunately, in term time, it can take weeks for me to read a book.  One chapter before bed is often too much as my eyes close involuntarily as I am reading.  I also can't cope with anything too "worthy" in term time, and leave those books for the Summer holiday.

So, two friends of mine, who are also stressed out teachers with families and sing in the Manchester Chorale, suggested we form our own book club and only meet up after we have read the book - no pressure!

In Summer we chose this:

Then, in October half term, we met up to discuss it:

(of course, if we can escape for a couple of hours, 
we need to have a lovely afternoon tea while we discuss the book)

Now we've chosen this book:

It's the first of series, which I'm hoping I'll enjoy and want to read the rest.

We've tentatively suggested that we meet to discuss it between the rehearsal and the performance of a concert we're doing at the Bridgewater Hall in December (with Aled Jones, so excited!). 

Unfortunately, I haven't even bought the book yet and with the next month full of parents' evenings, report writing, open mornings and daughter's piano exam, hockey matches (she's taken up hockey, deep joy) and horse riding, never mind the Christmas preparations, I don't think I'll manage to read it, even if I can manage to buy it!

The trouble is, I don't want to be the one that says I haven't read it!


ADDY said...

I'd be a book club's worst nightmare. University (where I had to read hundreds of books in German and analyse them line by line) turned me into a book-phobic. For decades afetrwards I couldn't touch a book, as I could no longer enjoy reading for pleasure. I'd read trashy women's magazines or newspapers, but just couldn't touch a book. It's only in the last few years that I've picked up reading again and even then, like you, I reserve the time in bed to do so, therefore I only manage a chapter at night. I'd feel under great pressure in a book club as it would take me months to finish one!

Working Mum said...

Addy - that's really interesting; my cousin read English at University and it put her off reading. She always said that I, a mathematician, (and her brother, a microbiologist) read far more for pleasure than she did!

Sarah said...

Buy as an audio book and listen to it in the car? Or while waiting for your daughter to do hockey?

I love reading too and am addicted to my Kindle and all the free books you can get on Amazon.

Working Mum said...

Hi Sarah, Already got the audiobook thing covered, I'm a member with Audible. Thought about doing it that way. Need to finish listening to "Fingersmith" first!

Suburbia said...

No Pressure then!

My book club is mostly antenatal friends of nearly 20 years ago. I think we've grown apart now though and I'm seriously thinking of giving up - must blog about that~!

Tim Atkinson said...

What a great idea! And might I make a suggestion, rather immodestly, regarding a future volume? It'd be wonderful to have your support!