Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mindfulness Part 3

Do you remember my posts Mindfulness Part 1 and Mindfulness Part 2?

Well, ever since then I have continued with my mindfulness meditations and trying to live a more mindful life and it really seems to help. I haven't stopped encountering stress but I can control how I deal with it.

Then I got to thinking; there are a lot of issues with young peoples' mental health at the moment and it seems to be getting worse.  I've seen evidence of it myself as a form teacher.  As our young people live in a far more pressured world than I grew up in, negotiating constant exams and a minefield of social media, it's no wonder that some are struggling to cope.  NHS mental health services for young people are overstretched and I suddenly thought, "Why aren't we teaching mindfulness in schools?"

Well it seems some schools are.

There's a Mindfulness in Schools Project which is training teachers to teach mindfulness to pupils, so I looked into it and I've just told our deputy head I'm interested in training. She's a practitioner and  advocate of mindfulness herself and is delighted that I've volunteered because she wanted it to be introduced at school.  Talk about good timing!

So I've taken the first step.

Here's the founder of the Mindfulness in Schools Project talking about it, watch it and you'll see why we should be teaching this in school:


Tim Atkinson said...

Fascinating and very, very necessary... for staff as well as students! Interestingly, several (15+) years ago there was a move in RE teaching called 'affective learning' which included what were then called meditation techniques but were, in essence, mindfulness exercises. I introduced and it was hugely popular. I still get pupils stopping me in the street (or more often, commenting on Facebook) about particular lessons they remember. Then came the pressure for results, for quantifiable outcomes and RE jumped on the academic bandwagon and abandoned such things. A great shame!

Maggie May said...

I was just getting into that when it cut out! I do feel Mindfulness should be taught in schools and I have dabbled with books on it to learn the principles. I also bought an adult colouring book which helps me calm down...... jigsaw puzzles can do the same but especially the colouring.
Taking the mind to the here & now seems to be the answer.
Good luck with it.
Maggie x

Working Mum said...

Tim - that's really interesting. Hopefully we're waking up to the fact that schools are not just exam factories and we can provide young people with some skills for life.

Maggie - I hope the video works another time. I've seen those colouring books and certainly art is one of the occupations that helps to keep us in the present, singing is another, which is probably why I love it.

Suburbia said...

You're lucky they listened to you ( do I sound bitter?!)
Good luck with it all- our kids need all the help they can get