Saturday, 29 August 2015

WM's Tram Law

Yesterday daughter set off on her first Guide Camp.  Excited, but a little apprehensive, she sat on her own on the coach and we waved her off.  Immediately I worried that she had no friends, no one would talk to her, she would be lonely and unhappy for the entire weekend.

Anyway, my worries abated as I realised that this meant that hubby and I could go out on our own for the first time in ten months!

We booked a lovely restaurant in Didsbury and, since the tram network has been extended across Manchester, we decided to use the tram to get there thus enabling us both to drink alcohol and be really bad parents.

This involved changing trams at the Cornbrook stop.

This is where I realised that there is a tram law which I have been subjected to many times, but I'm not sure if anyone has recorded it.

"I'm going to publish it, so it's mine" I told hubby.

So here it is:

"A tram for every other possible line will pass you before the one you want arrives."

We saw two Altrincham trams, two Manchester Airport and one Eccles before an East Didsbury tram arrived.  And the same thing happened on our journey back!

In fact, when I think about it, every time I've stood in the city centre waiting for my tram, several others go past for every other line before the one I want.  

Now there's a law about it, it won't be so frustrating, will it?


Strictly Jen said...

Tram law :-)
Your daughter will be fine at Guide camp just try not to worry. She won't be in a tent in her own after all. I waved son off on a trip a couple of months ago and he too sat alone on the coach and I too worried for the whole week he was away. But he came back spilling over with chat about what he had done and who had he been with and who was in his room and all in all he had an amazing time, verified by one of the grown ups on the trip!

Working Mum said...

Thanks Jen, I'm hoping she'll make some friends while doing some great activities and come home full of it. In the meantime I'm enjoying the peace!

ADDY said...

I used to worry the same about Kay but it is amazing just how quickly they make friends. I'm sure she'll be fine. As for that tram law, I am sure it applies to buses I want in London's Oxford Street too. Not only that but I am pretty sure that rule applies to picking the fastest supermarket check-out queue. I always go for the shortest to discover the other (longer queues)getting served before me!