Friday, 28 August 2015

God's own County

The school holidays are flying by and we're still enjoying ourselves.  We've had lots of days out, we sampled Chester Zoo's new Island Adventures, we've been blackberry picking along the Mersey, we've walked along parts of the Bridgewater Canal we haven't explored before and this week we went for a walk in God's own County, Yorkshire.

I absolutely love Yorkshire.  

It's such a beautiful place and so varied from the Moors to the Dales.  And right on our doorstep!

We ventured to Malham, walked to Janet's Foss:

 and then Goredale Scar:

Our original plan was to climb up the waterfall onto the top, but the sign said "Warning: Dangerous Climb" and it was roaring with fast flowing water.  (There is no footpath, you literally have to climb up the waterfall - look at the people in the picture for scale).  I have done it before, but as we were slipping around on the lower rocks and other people were turning back I decided it was too risky, so we walked back and along the lower path to Malham Cove.

Harry Potter fans might recognise the limestone pavement which featured in the later films:

We then walked down the side of the pavement to the bottom of the cove:

and back into Malham, past Town Head Barn, for a well earned cup of tea and a scone.

A great day out!


Sarah said...

Oooh lovely. I love walks like that. I went to Yorkshire a long time ago and it's definitely on my list to revisit some time.

ADDY said...

I love Yorkshire too. It was Kay's home for the last six years so I got to see quite a bit of it. Would love to live there and escape the rat race of London!