Monday, 13 July 2015

Why you should always check your statements

My mum brought me up to be pretty financially savvy so I always keep my receipts and check every transaction when my statements arrive.

Good job, too!

On Saturday my credit card statement arrived and there, amongst all the petrol, Amazon and Tesco shopping, was a transaction for £88.87 to

Not me.

Not hubby.

I rang the credit card company to report this fraudulent transaction, but the guy at Security didn't seem to believe me.

"It's just one transaction, normally they use your card as much as they can until it's cancelled", he said.

"It's not us", I replied.

"Have you flown with Jet2 recently?" he asked.

"We went to Rome in May with Jet2, but booked it through Thomas Cook and paid with a debit card"

"Did you pay for excess baggage or upgraded seats?"

"No, we didn't use our credit card at all"

and so it went on.

He clearly thought I paid for something and forgotten.

Eventually, he agreed to refund the money, but said they would contact Jet2 and if it was genuine, we would be charged.

Fair enough, but I knew it wasn't us.

I also asked for the cards to be cancelled and new ones to be sent out.

So then I contacted Jet2.

They looked up the transaction and said that the card was used last Wednesday to book a flight from Glasgow to Prague in a completely different name to mine!

I have to say I was pretty impressed with Jet2.  

They took the matter very seriously and obviously have robust systems in place as the woman I spoke to went through various stages to deal with the matter.  She said they would refund my card and would pass the matter on to their head of security (she gave me their name) who would contact me for further details and they may prosecute the fraudster.  Sure enough, the security person phoned me back, apologised that this had happened through their website, went through some details, refunded my card and advised me to report it to the police via Action Fraud.

I phoned my credit card company back, asked to speak to the same person as before and explained to him that it was a fraudulent transaction and that Jet2 are going to investigate.

"Well, it's strange that it was just one transaction", he said.

"Maybe they thought I wouldn't notice and then they could do it again next month" I suggested.

That seems a pretty good scam to me, and perhaps one that credit card security employees should consider?

Or is it just me?

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