Wednesday, 8 July 2015


In more ways than one.

Yesterday I broke up for the summer hols, so I've finally finished this academic year.  (Apart from having to go back in next week to unpack and check off the department stationery order which still hadn't arrived yesterday).  It was a long one, but I made it.

Also, daughter has finished primary school.


She's had the year 6 party:

(Daddy was the bouncer at the the party, in case you were wondering)

I've bought the leavers' hoodie and the yearbook (is it me, or is this a bit too much when she's just moving up to the seniors in the same school?) and on Monday we had her final Junior School Speech Night/Prize Giving.

Now allow me a little proud mummy moment here:

Daughter won the English Prize!!

Out of 65 children in her year, she won the English Prize!

She's an official Prize Winner!!!
Who knew that when she got the Good Work Award in 2008:

It would lead to the English Prize at the Year 6 Prize Giving?

Well done, Izzy Wizzy!


ADDY said...

Well done Izzy. Well done Mum, too.

Sarah said...

Well done Izzy. :)

All that year book stuff is a bit American isn't it? How come the UK system is being infiltrated by American traditions? It all sounds like a lot more work for teachers, and for what? These things have to be kept somewhere and get added to the clutter that sits on a shelf or in a box in the garage.