Friday, 24 July 2015

Cheesden Valley

Amazingly, there have been one or two days with some nice weather since we broke up and so for one of our Family Days Out we decided to go to Cheesden Valley, near Bury.

The walk took us up a hill to a TV mast and then over into a gorge/valley where there are ruins of old Victorian mills.

If you look carefully in this valley you can just see a chimney peeking out of the trees:

This chimney:

We walked a bit further on and guess what we saw?

 another mill!

If you look carefully you can see hubby and daughter in the windows!

What a fascinating walk!


Maggie May said...

That makes a very good photo of daughter & husband looking through those windows.
Looks like lovely countryside and good to be out walking. Very healthy!
Maggie x

ADDY said...

Nothing like a good walk in the countryside for blowing away the cobwebs.