Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Travel Conundrum

On Saturday I began the day at 7.00am BST in Rome and was due to sing in a concert at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester at 7.30pm that evening.

In 2015 this should be possible, shouldn't it?

So how come I can travel by train from Rome Termini Station to Leonardo da Vinci airport, take a plane to Manchester airport and take a taxi home without any bother, but then I try to take a tram into Manchester and it can't be done?

Why did I pay £4 to travel as far as Trafford Bar, then walk to the replacement bus service stop only to be told the bus isn't coming and they (Metrolink) are trying to commandeer some public buses to get us into the city (but we won't all make it) and so then take a tram home again?



ADDY said...

So true and a question I often ask myself.

Maggie May said...

Local transport often lets you down!
Maggie x