Monday, 29 June 2015

Moving On, Getting Ready

This September daughter is moving up to Senior School.  

She is ready, but am I?

Well .........................

Last week we went to the New Parents' Information Evening, bought the requisite dictionaries, art pack and valuables pouch from the school bookshop and met her new form teacher.

We received a pack containing no less than 10 letters I had to read, fill in and sign, ranging from Day Trip Consent to Health Information to Bad Weather Contingency Plans.

I have an extensive uniform list (why does PE kit consist of three times as much stuff as day to day uniform when they only wear it for 2 hours a week?) and I have already mounted a preemptive assault on M&S to buy socks, tights and shirts.

I've also been to the official school outfitters to buy the rest at three times the cost of normal school uniform.  (Why does the embroidering of a school badge onto jumper increase its cost by £15?)

 There will be lots of sewing of name tapes.

I've also put in place insurance, as the school recommends we do, in case we can't pay the school fees in the future (Bank of Grandparents).

But all I can think is "how have I got here?"

It doesn't seem two minutes since this:

 (Starting in Reception, Sept 2008)


Jen said...

Yes my boy's doing the same - shame I can't post pics in the comments!

ADDY said...

Believe me, time just flies past. We've just reached another milestone too. And I agree about the sports' kit. It's ridiulous what with all the tennis/hockey/gym/swimming stuff.

Sarah said...

I looked at that photo before I read the explanation and thought, gosh she looks young for senior school! :)

Quite relieved there's no school uniform in France in some ways, but we have to buy all supplies except text books.

K Ville said...

This is the summer they suddenly seem to grow up a lot. flies by.

auntiegwen said...

for the first time since 1997 - I have no children at school. Not a one. Quite a strange feeling