Friday, 15 May 2015

Birthday Cake no. 8

Back up and running with my new laptop and just as busy as ever.  I can't believe that I actually booked daugher's birthday party with her friends this weekend, when I am in the middle of exams at work and have a three hour rehearsal on Sunday, but I did.  Must be losing my touch.

I also told her that I would make her a pinata cake for her party.

Must be losing my marbles.

This has taken some organising.

So, over four nights this week I have: coloured icing, bakes sponges, whipped up buttercream, assembled sponges, iced cake and finally decorated it and here's the result:

The centre of the cake is filled with Smarties which emerge when the cake is cut:

If anyone else is mad enough to decide to make one, here's the recipe.


ADDY said...

You certainly are a glutton for punishment. Before I read the recipe, I thought you had cooked the smarties inside the cake and imagined a gooey rainbow mess, but can see now you add them once the cake has cooled! What a lovely idea.

Linda Metcalf said...

Very talented cake baking!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Was wondering what a 'Pinata' cake looked like.
Save a piece for me!
Lucky Birthday Girl. Trust she had a fab time.
Granny G xx

Mummy Cow said...

Yours looks better than the one in the recipe! Very impressive. X