Sunday, 10 May 2015

Back in the 21st Century

After a terrible shock last week when my laptop gave up the ghost (motherboard, apparently), I picked myself up and bought a new laptop.  A purple one!

The lovely IT bloke at school retrieved my data from the old one and said he would put it on the new one for me.

So on Thursday I told him I'd bought a purple one.

"What's the spec?"  he asked.

"You've missed the point," I said, "It's PURPLE!"

Yes, he laughed at me.

Anyway, apart from getting to grips with Windows 8.1 (wtf is going on?) and a touch pad, oh, and trying to work out how to import my music files to i-tunes, and how to uninstall all the crapware that seems to have attached itself to my laptop, I'm nearly back to normal.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

How did we live before all this technology?

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ADDY said...

How indeed?!! Glad you are back on the interwebbob.