Saturday, 4 April 2015

Back in Time for Dinner

Izzy and I have been watching "Back in Time for Dinner" and this week it reached the '70s. 

 "They peel them with their metal knives!"

It's one of those social history programmes in the same vein as "Wartime Farm" and "Victorian Pharmacy" that we love to watch together, but what's been great about this one is that I lived it!

Smash, Rise and Shine and Pot Noodle were all new fangled foods for us in the '70s and I've forgotten how awful they really were!  I remember my mum getting her first freezer and us going to the freezer centre to buy delights such as Arctic Roll and Boil in the Bag Fish in Butter Sauce.  Convenience was the watchword of the '70s.

What's been fascinating for Izzy is the whole history of the era and the fact that I was there for the power cuts, the three day week, the Silver Jubilee street parties, self sufficiency.  It's been great to tell her about using candles when the electricity was cut off, how grandad (my dad) went working on the taxis to make more money when he was forced to work a three day week in his normal job, how we queued for petrol and how grandad turned over half our garden to growing vegetables so that we would have more food.

Looking back it was a glorious time of long hot summers (remember 1976?), everything was yellow and orange and my childhood was filled with fresh air and fun as we played on our Spacehoppers and Chopper bikes.  I don't remember mum and dad struggling to pay the bills, I thought dad had taken up growing veg for fun (he let us thin out the carrots and pick the peas, we thought it was great) and it was so exciting when he let me come in his taxi with him and use the radio.  Guess mum and dad did a good job of hiding the truth from us.

Next week is the '80s: Breville Sandwich Toasters, Sodastream and Microwaves.

Can't wait!


ADDY said...

I've been watching that too, although for me, the fifties and sixties were the decades of my youth. What strikes me most is how useless the mum is. I doubt anyone would have eaten the meals she produced in the fifties. She can't even operate a can opener!

Working Mum said...

She is, isn't she? They have said that the dad normally does the cooking, so I don't think she has much interest in cooking. And serving her kids cold liver and potatoes, my grandmother would never have done that!

Sarah said...

How interesting! I'll have to watch that. I grew up in the 60s and 70s so can remember some of it too. I'm hoping to remember more when I go senile. :)

family Affairs said...

LOVE sodastreams! Lx

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I agree with Addy about how hopeless the mother is in the programme! Maybe I was lucky in that my mum was a great cook but I lived through sixties and seventies food and it was all pretty good. My mum would have thought feeding anyone cold liver was hilarious!