Saturday, 18 April 2015

All My Own Fault

Daughter's birthday is coming up and over the years I have made one birthday cake (before she started school), two birthday cakes (when she had her birthday at home and then a party with friends) and last year I made two birthday cakes and a dozen matching cupcakes, but this year I have outdone myself:

Just before Izzy's birthday she is going away on a school holiday, so I contacted the teacher in charge to see if I could send some cake for the children and staff to celebrate Izzy's birthday.

"Yes, that would be lovely."

"Great, how many kids and staff are there?"

"62 kids and 6 staff."


So that's six birthday cakes, then.

Plus the one on her actual birthday and the pinata cake for her birthday party with friends.

So, just the eight birthday cakes this year, then!

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ADDY said...

Even the Queen only gets two birthdays!