Sunday, 29 March 2015

When the Boot's on the other Foot

I think I've mentioned before the last minute requests that daughter presents me with because she's forgotten to tell me when she was told.

I went beserk at the "I need a superhero costume tomorrow" request.

Two weeks ago her "I need to wear something red for Comic Relief tomorrow" (we are a house that supports City so there are no red items of any kind) was met with "wear the cake ribbon from Christmas".

I'm still waiting for her to tell me she needs £38 for Guides tomorrow (I had an e-mail from the Guider in case the Guides had forgotten to tell us), if she doesn't tell me, she doesn't go to the sleepover at Legoland.

Usually hubby says I overreact.  

She's just a child. Just find something.

Well, this week I've been laid up with the flu (temp of 102 for two days and have lost 5lb) and have spent most of it in bed.

On Wednesday he picked daughter up from aftercare at 6pm and when they got home I heard

"I am very, very angry with you"

amongst other things he was shouting at daughter in the hall.

"I wonder what she's done", I thought.

Hubby then appeared at my bedside, furious.

"She's just told me what she needs for her costume for the school play and she needs it tomorrow.  She's known for weeks.  Where can I get a white t-shirt, black leggings and black pumps at this time?"


When she does it to me I'm overreacting, but when mummy's stuck in bed and daddy has to deal with it, it's a different story!

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Sarah said...

I think email is the answer to this sort of crisis. How difficult is it to send off a quick email to a group of parents?

There must be parents the world over shouting at their kids for exactly the same reason. I know I have!