Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Times Change

It doesn't seem two minutes since daughter started school age 5 and yesterday she got a letter offering her a place at Senior School.  Scary!

To celebrate we gave her a present.

After much deliberation and talking to other, more experienced parents than us, we decided it was time to give Izzy her own phone.

She has been looking forward to getting a phone for ages, but we held off until we thought she was ready for the responsibility and while we still had enough control over her to set some ground rules and good practice (and to confiscate it if needs be!)

I tried not to be offended when she said:

"No offence, mum, but I don't want one like yours"

I don't know what she means, this is my phone:

(I call it retro) 

Anyway she got this phone:
Is it normal for your kids to have a better phone than you?


ADDY said...

Definitely normal! ;)

Sarah said...

Mine have had better phones than me until last September when my DB got me a proper smart phone, although not a Samsung or anything expensive. Mine's a ZTC and worked fine until it got dropped. Now it's in ER undergoing vital repairs. :)

K Ville said...

oh no no no, I keep my daughter one behind always, there is no way she can be more gadgeted up than me, no no no!!!

PS can in app purchases switched off and premium rates barred for a while (through the mobile service provider) just until she gets the hang of it all, genuine mistakes are easy made and can be rather pricey!

Working Mum said...

K Ville - don't worry, we've done all that stuff about in app purchases - I am so paranoid about inadvertent spending. In fact, we've also gone with Tesco mobile because they are the only provider who will limit the amount spent on the phone, she can't go over £12.50 a month - it will only do emergency calls after that.

Muddling Along said...

Definitely normal (although I do like a bit of nice tech myself)