Saturday, 21 March 2015

How was your view?

Yesterday was the eclipse.

My school had really embraced this once (or twice) in a lifetime celestial event and we were all equipped with our school branded, commemorative eclipse glasses and went outside to watch the amazing event.
(Ours had the school name and crest on the sides and the date on the bridge)

Our astronomy club had even set up pin hole cameras and binocular projections for us to view with.  They were so excited, it was infectious.

There was enough break in the clouds for us to get a really good view of the changing shape of the sun as the moon moved across its path.

It didn't go as dark as I was expecting, but what surprised me was how cold it went.

I didn't notice the lack of birdsong because there were hundreds of children making enough noise to drown out a herd of elephants!

Afterwards I e-mailed hubby to see if he'd witnessed it and I added:

"I hope daughter got a good view"

"Of course she did," he replied, "she's a foot taller than every other kid!"



ADDY said...

After all the hype, I didn't see a single thing - there was such a thick cloud layer over London, you couldn't even see the brightness of the sun let alone the sun itself and it didn't go darker at all. Such an anticlimax!

Working Mum said...

Addy - what a shame! We were so lucky that we could see the sun and watch the eclipse properly live, even if it was interrupted occasionally by the odd cloud. Hope you saw it on the BBC instead.

ADDY said...

yes, watched it on bbc, so all was not lost!