Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to Survive Mothers' Day

You know I have this theory that Mothers' Day only really exists for those mothers whose children have grown up and flown the nest?

They get taken out for lunch, lovely bouquets of flowers and waited on for the entire day.

For the rest of us still in the throes of motherhood, we may get breakfast in bed, but the gratitude ends there.

There is still the washing and ironing of school uniform, the cooking of dinner, the supervision of homework and piano practice and ferrying offspring to activities/parties for the rest of the day.

Same old, same old.

Over the years I have learned to lower my expectations and then I can't be disappointed.

Well, this year I'm going one better.

This year I am escaping!

On Sunday I have a rehearsal for a concert of Mahler's Second Symphony in May.

I shall be leaving the house and all its responsibilities behind and going to sit in a rehearsal room, sing and listen to a lovely orchestra.



Muddling Along said...

That sounds like a good way to spend the day - something to nurture you

I have my mother in law coming to visit

auntiegwen said...

I have 3 children and 2 of them have grown up and now live in a different country to me. Was it something I said?

K Ville said...

my best mother's day I was away on a weekend training course. Lots of Guiders all together. Most relaxing I have ever had LOL loved it :) Dreadful admission really - whoops! Have a lovely time yourself.

Maggie May said...

The grass is always greener on the other side.
My day will start early just like any other day getting all the chores done that keep Harry safe and sound and presentable.
I'd love to go off for the day and sing.
Maggie x

Sarah said...

I know how you feel too, and being divorced means there's no one to take up the slack.

Actually, I've given up on Mother's Day for the moment and am hoping things will improve when my two are grown up. Anything that happens between now and then will be a nice surprise.

ADDY said...

Sounds like you'll have a lovely day with lots of me-time. Enjoy!

Suburbia said...

Perfect - enjoy your hassle free mothers day!