Saturday, 7 March 2015

Family Fun

Since hubby has stopped working on Saturdays we have tried to have more family time.  Our Family Days Out are written into the calendar and we each get to choose various activities.   We've been to museums, NT properties, the circus, parks, anything that will interest and amuse us (and has a cafe with a cup of tea and a slice of cake at the end!).

It's proving to be really good fun.

Well, today hubby had to go to work just for the morning and daughter had a party in the middle of the day, but I was undaunted:

We would have a Family Evening Out instead!

Later we are going into Manchester to go on this:

and then here:

 (using Tesco vouchers, of course)

I shall never be defeated!


GRANNY G said...

Hope you had fun!


Working Mum said...

We had a great time on the wheel and the Pizza Express restaurant was directly opposite the wheel so we had a lovely view of it all lit up while we ate.

family affairs said...

Good for you - good compromise! Lx

ADDY said...

Make the most of it while you can. Time really does fly by so fast and, before you know it, they are grown up!