Tuesday, 10 February 2015

When is a Guide not a Guide?

During my sabbatical from blogging, daughter finally went up from Brownies to Guides.  With three Brownie packs at our church and only one Guide company there is a bit of a bottleneck, but she made it in the end.

Last night I dropped her off as usual and came home to watch University Challenge and Only Connect, but when I got in there was a phone call.

An unknown mobile number.



I was intrigued, daughter doesn't have a phone and I'd just dropped her off, what was the problem?

"We're suppposed to be making a cake," she said, "but we don't have any scales.  Can you bring some?"


"And some flour, oh, and sugar"

"Anything else?"

"Some butter"

"How about eggs?"
(She didn't notice the sarcasm in my voice)

"Oh, yes, we need those"

"Sounds like you're not making a cake", I retorted.


So we said our goodbyes and rang off.

I thought that part of being a Guide was being independent, getting organised, thinking for yourself, being reliable.  I didn't think that phoning your mum to ask her to bring all the ingredients and a pair of scales to church was in the spirit of Guiding.

When I picked her up, I asked her what they'd done instead.

"We baked a cake", she said.

"How did you do that?"

"One of the Guiders went and bought the stuff for us"

Huh ?


Jen said...

They help them at the start, just wait, give it a year and there will be no cakes baked if she forets her stuff! Glad she's liking Guides :-)

K Ville said...

Yup. Go For Its! They are supposed to plan them as a Patrol, make a list of who is to take what, all evenly shared and then they all turn up with it. And pigs may fly quite often! I was in the unfortunate position that we lived within wifi picking up distance of the Guide meeting place and daughter didn't ring me she just ran home and raided my cupboards (whilst I was out leading Brownies) drove me nutty for 3 years. But please forgive the leaders we try to 'develop' them and get them to take responsibility for themselves and learn the consequences of forgetting stuff and letting their 'team' down. It's just often the good mums will plug the gap for the guides and bless us, what mum wouldn't!!!

Sarah said...

How homely! I should think your daughter knows exactly how to bake a cake, no?

I used to be a Guide and I remember the only thing we ever cooked was potatoes over a camp fire in the car park. They ended up definitely undercooked because we were not there long enough for them to cook properly...

Working Mum said...

KVille - I wouldn't, so I guess I'm not a good mum, then! Izzy did ask the Patrol Leader the previous week what she should bring and the PL said she would bring everything, then didn't. I blame the PL entirely, not the Guiders.

Sarah - she does know how to bake a cake, but even after they got the ingredients the Patrol Leader wouldn't listen to Izzy who knew the recipe, and their cake was a disaster!

Maggie May said...

It only seems like yesterday when she was joining the Brownies! Granddaughter is also moving up in a couple of months. Time flies!
Bad organisation not having any ingredients if there's going to be cake making!
Maggie x

ADDY said...

I think the Scouts have the motto "Be prepared". Obviously the Guides don't!

Muddling Along said...

Sounds like the patrol leader needs a bit of gentle guidance on team work and communication....

Mummy Cow said...

Just discovered that you're back. Great to see you.
MC x