Sunday, 1 February 2015

Snow Days and Snowdrops

On Thursday morning it snowed round here.  My husband's school had sensibly had an emergency meeting on Wednesday and, being positioned up in the hills and prone to snowfall, they decided to close for Thursday, hence he had a snow day. (I made sure he had a list.  You know, clean the bathrooms, hoover the house, make the dinner,....)

At my school the snow started at 8am and seemed to come as a complete surprise to everyone (even thought the Met Office had forecasted it precisely) so there was chaos as staff couldn't get in, pupils couldn't get in, parents kept turning up during the day to take their children home early, sixth formers decided to go home without permission, etc.  My lessons were in disarray - in one lesson I had one pupil - they got private tuition!

However, the snow was very popular with daughter who, the minute she got home, rushed out with daddy to make Winston:

(Named after Churchill; it's hard to see in the photo, but he does have a cigar and is making a "V"sign - how our children grow up!)

Then yesterday, instead of going to the beach as we had planned (yes, really, we were going to go to Crosby to see the Gormley installation) we just went back to Dunham Massey to see the snowdrops:

 (Dunham was listed in this month's Countryfile magazine as one of the top 10 Winter Gardens in Britain!)
Of course, we took the opportunity to play in the snow as well:


Anonymous said...

Aren't snowdrops so pretty? I've just said on another blog how I'll miss them now that I'm no longer at the farm; our garden was littered with them, along with the akanites.

CJ x

Sarah said...

It actually snowed here on Tuesday for a few hours. Everyone was hoping it would get stuck in and we could all go home early, but it stopped around lunch time and the sun came out.

I was having lunch with a friend who had been expecting to go straight home, but had to return to work. She was not best pleased. :)