Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Geek Alert!

I seem to have come late to the party, but I've recently discovered "The Big Bang Theory" on E4.

It's "Friends" for geeks - geeks like me!

Sheldon is my hero.

I may be a mathematician, not a physicist, but I do seem to share some of his traits.

And I am falling about laughing at his disdain for engineers - the "Umpa Lumpas of Science".  I have actually told a joke at work about the difference between mathematicians, physicists and engineers.  My colleagues in the Maths Dept were greatly amused.

And then there's my favourite mathematical joke:

"Why did the chicken cross the mobius band?"

"To get to the same side."

Ha ha ha!

(I'm even laughing as I write this!)

(Hubby doesn't get it)


Sarah said...

My kids like BBT too. I also think it's hilarious and I'm not even a mathematician.

We can watch it in French here but it's much better in English.

GRANNY G said...

I don't understand the joke either - but I'm laughing cos you are laughing!
Laugh and the world laughs with you.
Enjoy half-term. xx

auntiegwen said...

I am married to an engineer, I have yet to laugh at one of his jokes!