Friday, 30 January 2015

New Year Resolutions

I know it seems a bit late to be talking about New Year Resolutions, but as I've only just come back to my blog, I'm doing it now.

This year my New Year Resolution fits with the mindfulness that I'm trying to embrace in my life to reduce stress and anxiety, so not only will it benefit my body, it should benefit my mind as well.

I've decided to do something which I've known for a long time is good for me, but I didn't really make the effort.

Every week I am going for a walk!

Sounds simple, I know, but actually getting out, whatever the weather, for just 30 minutes of daylight and fresh air is something I just didn't manage before. There was always an excuse.  Something else to do, daughter reluctant to be dragged out, too cold, too wet, too difficult.

So, since Jan 1st I have been for a walk every weekend.  I've been to some local gardens (dragging daughter 10 feet behind me), I've been to Dunham Massey Park (bribed daughter with chocolate cake in cafe at end), I've been to Lyme Park with friends and best of all, I can fit in a 30 minute walk whilst daughter is at Pony Club on Sundays.

It really seems to work.  A bit of daylight, the wind (and sometimes rain) on my face reconnects me with the world and puts problems in perspective.  Hopefully, as the weather improves I'll be able to do more and will reap even more benefits.



K Ville said...

I love my walks, I gave up taking family with me and just go off on my own and enjoy. It is my happy pill.

Linda Metcalf said...

I often have to drag myself out but feel so much better after I've been! Good for you!

GRANNY G said...

Yep, I've been out walking too. Nowhere exciting. Just round the block. Makes all the difference.
It was lovely at Christmas time to take in all the lights. Now bulbs are pushing though the earth. Always something new to see even in suburban gardens.
Hope you are able to carry on including a walk in your busy schedule.

Sarah said...

I agree, walking makes such a difference. I often try to squeeze in a 20-minute walk around my neighbourhood at lunch time.