Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Christmas Cake

Following a request to post a picture of my latest Christmas cake, I will oblige.  However, the Christmas cake seems to have taken second place to the Gingerbread House now in the Working Mum house.

In fact, this Christmas I spent about an hour quickly decorating my cake before dashing out to sing at The Bridgewater Hall whilst daughter and I spent two days making the Gingerbread House.  So I will post both.

The Christmas Cake was hastily decorated with baubles on ribbons:

I'm sure that with more time I would have done better; there's too much red.  I think all gold ribbons and baubles in different colours decorated with royal icing would have been better.

On the other hand, the Gingerbread House was a confection of chocolate buttons, jelly tots, smarties and glacier fruit stained glass windows:

I think the Gingerbread House wins!

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Sarah said...

Both look lovely.

I brought a Christmas cake back with me to France (made by my mum) and only got to decorate it in mid-January. I did a classic snow scene, no baubles because it just had time to dry before I hacked my way in. :)

It's all gone now and very delicious it was too! I've spent a lot of this month's weekends walking it off.