Sunday, 1 June 2014

Competitive Dad

Whilst at Centre Parcs we played some family games like Ludo, Cards, Mini Golf and Ten Pin Bowling.  As usual hubby played agressively and won all the time. 

He always wins.  

Every time.

(As an aside, I don't have a competitive bone in my body when it comes to sports or games.  I just don't care.  We had to stop playing badminton together years ago after hubby started to smash the shuttlecock at my body in frustration when I didn't care if I hit it back.  I kid you not.)

So, when we had played our first game of Bowling (and he had won) I said to him, "Let Izzy win the next one"

"Why?" he asked, incredulously.

"Because you always win.  It doesn't bother me, but for her it's very demoralising.  She always loses. She's only 10, let her win for once."

So he picked up his ball, bowled and picked off one pin on the left hand side.


Then he picked up his second ball and ..............

............ smashed the other nine.


Izzy got up to bowl in a deep depression.

Hubby sat down next to me.

"What happened?" I asked, "I thought you were going to let her win".

"I couldn't, " he said, "I just couldn't.  My competitve gene kicked in."

Good grief!


K Ville said...

I watched my husband and brother-in-law in Australia celebrating the fact that they had beaten a 5 year old Cog at a 'supermarket trolley' game 3 times in a row. It mattered not one bit to them that she went to bed in tears. They said she would learn to win. They just don't get it. *sigh* On the upside Cog now beats him at most things we play. This makes me happy!

ADDY said...

Oh, that's mean. Poor Izzy.

Maggie May said...

Oh that is sad and there's no way that losing every time can be helpful to anyone. I would definitely not play games with him!
Hoping izzy grows up to beat him hands down every time.
maggie x

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Don't worry ladies, Izzy and I have retaliated. When we played mini-golf we said had to add 10 to his score because he plays golf for real, so he didn't win! Yay!

Mum in a Hurry said...

Come on Dad! Don't be so mean!