Friday, 13 June 2014

Cake Catastrophe

Tomorrow is my mum's 65th birthday.

My dad decided that we would have a family barbecue to celebrate.

I offered to make a cake, but dad said he would order a professional one because I'm so busy.

 So three weeks ago he ordered one.

On Monday of this week the cake lady still hadn't got back to him with any designs.

On Tuesday she still hadn't.

At this point my dad was really worried there would be no cake.

"Just leave a message cancelling the cake, dad", I said, "and I'll make one."

So dad cancelled the cake.

Not only that, he then went to a sugarcraft shop and bought what he thought I needed.............

................ to create the orginal cake he wanted.

I was just going to do a white cake with butterflies and flowers.

Oh no, my dad wants an atlas cake surrounded by edible pictures of places mum has been to.

A cake that a professional cake maker could make.

Not a working mum.

Oh, and it has to be big enough to feed 50 people.

He dropped the stuff at my house, along with butter, sugar and eggs and left me to it.


So I snuck out of work yesterday to go to my favourite sugarcraft shop to buy what I really needed and to get some much needed advice from the owner.

So, after six hours over three evenings, this is what I've done:

 He'd better be impressed!


K Ville said...

well if he isn't, I am. Amazing.

Janie said...

Amazing. He will be impressed and your Mum will love it.

ADDY said...

That is blimmin brilliant. You are wasted as a teacher... you should be cakemaker to the stars!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic cake.
You've done your Mum & Dad proud.
Hope the party plans go with a swing now.
Granny G

Linda Metcalf said...

Excellent job!

Sarah said...

Look at that! What a fab cake, and it'll be all homemade and yummy too. Well done you. :)