Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mindfulness - Part 2

Now, when I was nearly half way through the Mindfulness course, I started to have difficulties. 

You see, I don't easily take things on faith, I need to know how and why they work (witness my A Level in Physics).  I couldn't believe in mindfulness unless I knew why it works.

I needed to know the science bit.

The neuroscience bit.

Luckily, at about that time I heard an interview with Ruby Wax on the radio.

She had the same questions that I had, but, as she herself says, she has the drive of a rottweiler, so she went in search of Professor Mark Williams, found him and enrolled on a Masters Degree in MCBT at Oxford University with the Professor himself.  She's now written a book about the brain stuff that I wanted to know, so I don't need to do the MSc to find out.

I just got her book:

and things started to make sense.

I know now how and why mindfulness works.

If you want a quicker version (about half an hour) which explains the neuroscience, in layman's terms with a sense of humour, watch this:


ADDY said...

I love Ruy Wax. She gets the point across very well.

Suburbia said...

Watched the whole thing. Thanks

Hope it's helping you