Friday, 2 May 2014

Meditation is no match for a 10 year old

I'm trying to meditate.

Honestly, I am.

However, the Buddhists didn't allow for my daughter.

Last night she came home and announced

"I need a superhero costume for tomorrow"


When will the costumes stop?

So, while she was at Brownies I came up with black leggings, black shirt, black gloves and I made a cat mask out of funky foam - voila, Catwoman (I know, not strictly a superhero, but the best I could do at a few hours notice).

Ok, meditate.


Then, this morning I was brushing her hair when she asked

"Mummy, what do you  know about the Caribbean?"


"Because I need five facts for homework"

"When for?"



Meditate, meditate.

Driving to school she started telling me about a rounders match she had after school today, she won't be back until 5pm, etc, etc.

"Hang on," I said, "Have you got your trainers?"


"You came home in your trainers last night, have you brought them today?"




Turn round car, meditate, meditate.

Go home, collect trainers.

Get to school (10 miles and 25 min ride away from home)

"Where's the catwoman mask?" I asked

Frantic looking in car.

"Left it at home"


Even the Dalai Lama would give up.


Claire said...

I have to say I think you have an excess of costumes needed in UK schools! Everyone of my UK friends on Facebook complains about the same thing, so you're not the only one!

Oh and I found it really helped with No 1 son's memory if I didn't help him out every time he forgot something once he turned 10…took a few goes but he's pretty good now at packing the school bags the night before, using his school diary etc etc. I did warn his teacher that I wasn't going to be reminding him so she was just enough tough when he forgot stuff but it really worked, may work for you too?

K Ville said...

My daughter talks at me all the while and my mind is constantly racing one step ahead of her school/social needs. No peace. I have to keep reminding myself that one day she will leave home and it will be permanently quiet. I'm not sure if I see this as a good or bad thing.

Working Mum said...

Claire - yep, trying that. She's forgotten homework twice, but teachers have let her off instead of giving her detention. I made her put her uniform back on at school this morning (I had it with me in case she was wrong about Super Hero Day) so she was the only one in her year in uniform instead of costume. Thought about leaving trainers, will do next time. I'm certainly not making any more costumes (as far as I know we've only got WW2 day left this month (basically she's wearing school uniform without the tie) and that's it). PS Mask wasn't at home - no idea what she did with it between the hall and the car!!

KVille - no peace is certainly true. I have a 3 minute meditation to do twice a day and am failing to find 3 mins of peace.

ADDY said...

You and me need to set up a child's dressing-up business. We'd be millionaires within months!

Anonymous said...

I walk my l0-year-old Grand-daughter to school to help out my working daughter who has two other children. Can you imagine the chaos of a morning with 3 of them????
I keep a spare set of their house keys in my handbag so we can retrace our steps to pick up any forgotten items.
But HEY! I just love it. Ten is the best. The lively chatter and enthusiasm about everything cannot be beaten. I shall be sad when Grand-daughter starts secondary school and I am no longer needed on a daily basis.
Enjoy this time.

Luv Granny G

Sarah said...

A costume by the next day? You need a superhero costume yourself to keep up!

I'm glad it's not just my kids who make urgent requests and forget stuff. :)