Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Evil Parents

We've just returned from "Butlins for the Middle Classes", sorry, Centre Parcs, which I booked for the Bank Holiday Weekend instead of going to Rome (see earlier post, I won't go on about it).

We didn't tell daughter that we had booked Centre Parcs, we just told her we were going to the Lake District.

She spent most of last week moaning that she would be dragged up mountains and have to walk all day every day.

She didn't suspect a thing.

Even when we loaded the bikes onto the car.

After turning off the M6 away from the Lake District along the A66 she still didn't suspect.

As we turned into the Centre Parc entrance she said,

"Ooo, Centre Parcs"

closely followed by,

"Oh, but we're not going there"

"Are we not?"  asked hubby.

"We've just turned into the entrance", I said.

After bouncing up and down in the back of the seat, she finally said,

"You two are evil ........................... but epic!"


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!
Centre Parcs is on our 'To Do List'. Any tips?
Granny G

Working Mum said...

Granny G - my tip would be don't fill all your time with activities - leave a morning or afternoon free each day for the Subtropical Swimmimg Paradise (you can easily spend 2 hours in there), but do book activities you want to do in advance. We've enjoyed archery and fencing, which weren't too expensive. Also, if you want to eat in a restaurant book in advance - they get very busy. Each time we've been we've booked an activity for daughter to take her out of her comfort zone so she achieves something - this time it was canoeing which she loved. Hope you enjoy your trip. WM x

Anonymous said...

Dear WM
Many Thanks for taking time out of your extremely busy life to give me a few pointers about Centre Parcs. They are really useful and I shall be refering back when we book.
Hope you are feeling refreshed after the half-term break. Only a few weeks and it will be the Summer hols.
Chin Up till then!
Granny G xx