Sunday, 11 May 2014

Behind Every Great Man .....

I sometimes wonder how hubby has got to the Senior Management position he is in.  

Obviously, it is because I enable him to be a "bigwig" by organising the rest of his life.  On the odd occasion he participates in the running of this family he demonstrates a complete lack of organisation, so I really do wonder how he manages to be so successful at work.

Take this example:

Months ago I suggested that we go away during Whit half term week.  I have wanted to take daughter to Rome for ages and thought this would be a good time to go.

Hubby said, "I've got a standardising meeting in the middle of that week"

So Rome was out.

A couple of months later I suggested booking a cottage in England, one with WiFi, since he just needs to be on-line to do the standardising.

"Well, I'll be busy from that meeting onward, so no point booking a cottage for a week"

So, this week, I mooted the idea of Centre Parcs, in the Lake District, for the Bank Holiday weekend, returning two days before his meeting.

"Yeah, great, book it", he said.

So I did.

This morning he looked at his diary.

 "Oh, I made a mistake", he said, "My standardising meeting isn't in half term, it's next week"

"So we could have gone to Rome?" I asked.



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ADDY said...

Oh no!! Next time, book it without him - he'll have to come separately if he's free!

Suburbia said...

Oh no!

auntiegwen said...

You are a very patient woman, my dear, very patient.