Thursday, 24 April 2014


At Easter we managed to book a few days in a Milennium Hotel near Windsor and, armed with Tesco vouchers for Legoland and various restaurants, we set off.

On the way we made good use of our National Trust Membership and the good weather and had a picnic at Cliveden.  The weather was lovely so we sat by the Thames for a bit while daughter made daisy chains:

The next day we ventured into Legoland.  Daughter loved it, but let me tell you, 75 mins is too long to wait for a 5 minute ride.  Multiply it by 6 and that was our day at Legoland.  At least the weather was great again and daughter got to play in the water area:

(she's in there somewhere!)

I loved the things made of lego all over the place, lego just makes me smile:

In the end it was just a theme park (and Disney do it so much better), but for free with Tesco vouchers it was worth taking daughter.

The next day was Windsor Castle:

I hadn't been since I was 11 so I was looking forward to seeing it again.  The State Apartments were magnificent and St George's Chapel was still impressive (the warden even unlocked the Queen's quire seat and let daughter sit where the Queen sits, which made a great impression on her!)  Daughter found it quite interesting and was relating parts of it to a BBC4 series we had watched together recently on the Plantagenets (and, of course, Horrible Histories).

We were lucky enough to be walking along the road when it was the changing of the guard:

We were hoping to see the Queen (she was staying there at the time) but she didn't make an appearance.

Maybe next time!


libby said...

Lego is son got married last week, he is nearly 30 and the little bride and groom atop the cake were lego people...never grow up eh? and you are right about the queues - far too long.

Working Mum said...

Libby - I think they let far too many people in to the park for the number of rides they have. You can get a QBot to jump the queues, but they cost £15 per person; Disney fast passes are free.

Linda Metcalf said...

There is nothing as amazing as London. I have been fortunate enough to visit 3 times and have never "seen it all". A writer once said he had lived in London for 24 years and he had not seen it all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review of Legoland. Don't fancy the queues much. Maybe if we went on an 'inset' day it wouldn't be so bad.
Did you take your own picnic or eat in an on-site cafe? (Or - were you so busy queueing there wasn't time for lunch???)

Luv Granny G xx

Working Mum said...

Granny G - we didn't have lunch because we were staying at a hotel and had a large breakfast, but I would have taken a picnic, plenty of places to eat it.