Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Manchester Chorale - keeping Working Mum sane

As I say in my side bar, the Manchester Chorale keeps me sane and that's been so true these last few months.  Singing and being with friends doing something positive and collaborative has been a lifeline.

We performed some lovely concerts last term, all quite different, but enjoyable.

We sang a pretty challenging programme in Oldham in a charity concert for a local hospice, then we sang in an Organ Gala at the Bridgewater Hall which only involved our singing three pieces, so we were able to listen to the organ and the orchestra for the rest of the time, then we did an intimate concert (that's code for "small audience"), again for a local charity, in Didsbury.  All very enjoyable.

This term sounds like it will be even better; we've a concert in Cawthorne, Yorkshire in June, then we're doing one of the "Music for a Summer Evening" Concerts in Hawkshead in the Lake District in July and finally, a concert in Manchester before we break up for summer.

Next term we've been asked to sing in one of the Celebration of Karl Jenkins' 70th Birthday Concerts at the Bridgewater Hall.  This is the third time we'll have worked with Karl Jenkins in three years, so I guess he must like us.  We've also a variety of Christmas concerts lined up including two more appearances at the Bridgewater Hall.  Lots to look forward to.

There's a real eclectic mix of music in our repertoire at the moment (from Taverner and Whitacre to Cole Porter) and one I'm really enjoying singing is this one:

I sing the part of the woman on the far left, but in English, not Swedish!

Listen and see what you think!


Sarah said...

That's a lovely song. I'm impressed that you sing solo parts as well as in the chorale. It's quite a challenging song, that one. Are you going to film it and put it on YouTube too?

ADDY said...

Kay's joined a choir and finds that very relaxing, as a recent post of mine highlighted. The clip you enclose is beautiful. You are brave to plump for a solo. At least you are doing something YOU want to do!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Will we get a video version of 'Working Mum' singing the piece? (What's it called?)

Granny G

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I a really glad you have something to bring you joy and balance your work life.... I find choir perfect for that too.
Good to have you back

Working Mum said...

Oops, should have said, we sing it as a choir so I don't sing solo, I sing that part with a few others. Not brave enough to do solo!

Granny G - in English it's called "Hold me fast" and has beautiful words.

Sarah - there are some examples of us singing on our website, but not that piece yet.

Addy - good for Kay, singing in a choir is something you can do all your life, wherever you are, and it's very relaxing and very sociable.

Janie said...

Beautiful piece of music. I feel calmer just having listened, shame I can't sing for toffee!