Friday, 25 April 2014

Double Figures!!

Tomorrow daughter will be 10!

Yes, 10!

Where did that decade go?

I know: nappies, sleepless nights, mountains of washing, bottles, weaning, swimming lessons, starting school,  homework, Rainbows, endless birthday parties, riding lessons, piano lessons, choir practice, Brownies, the list goes on.

However, this weekend we celebrate 10 years of "trouble".

As usual, there is a cake.

This year daugther ordered a two tier chocolate cake, covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with hundreds of flowers (I think she's watched too much Great British Bake Off!).

Being a Working Mum, this took some organising.  So, last weekend I made the sponges (plus a dozen chocolate cupcakes which will match the main cake and can be taken away by her friends after the party) and froze them.

Every evening this week I have been making hundreds of flowers and leaves to decorate the cake (despite working yet another Parents' Evening on Wednesday).

On Thursday I made the butter cream for the filling.

Tonight I made the ganache, assembled the cake and decorated the cupcakes.

Et voila!

A cake fit for a 10 year old!


K Ville said...

it's lovely - well done, you are clever.

I assume you defrost the sponge again before assembly, I've never been brave enough to freeze one.

ADDY said...

Beautiful cake. The next ten years go very quickly too. Turn around and she'll be at uni. Make the most of her while you still can. I'm sure she'll always come home often for one of your lovely cakes!

auntiegwen said...

Beautiful cake and congratulations to you all on having such a splendid 10 year old

Linda Metcalf said...

Now that is a beautiful cake! Happy birthday to the birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl to have such a talented Mum to make that fab cake. Looks Yummy!

Granny G xx

Maggie May said...

That cake was worth all the effort! Beautiful.
Congratulations on 10 yo and hope she has a very Happy Birthday.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Amy Roberts said...

really lovely cake, lucky girl!

Suburbia said...

Looks amazing

Glad to see you back