Sunday, 3 November 2013

Why does Metrolink conspire against me?

Yesterday daughter had a party in Stockport 3pm - 5.30pm , hubby was at a City match returning home at 6pm and we were all going to see "Wicked" at the Palace in Manchester at 7.30pm (my Christmas present from hubby last year).  It was just about doable if we were all home by 6pm and could catch the tram into Manchester at 6.30pm.

Today I was doing a concert at the Bridgewater Hall rehearsing at 10.30am.  Fine, I could catch the tram at 9.30am and be in plenty of time.

So what does Metrolink do?

What do they always do on the rare occasions we need to go into Manchester on the tram?

"Improvement" Works all weekend with a much slower, less convenient, replacement bus service!


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