Sunday, 27 October 2013

Victorian Costume Update

Do you remember back in April I said I would try to make daughter a Victorian costume?

Let me remind you.  

Daughter wants a Victorian lady's costume for Victorian Day at school this year.  Not an apron and mop cap as I was going to make.  Oh no.  Apparently, if you go as a servant the teachers pick on you.  No, not for my daughter the servant's outfit.  She wants to be a lady and then the teachers have to defer to her.  (Delusions of grandeur?)

Well, I decided to have a go at making one and after purchasing my new sewing machine (see here for details) and a general pattern for costumes ......

....... I realised that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  

Especially when she announced that she wanted a costume like Clara's in Dr Who:

(I did point out that this was a barmaid's costume and not a lady's)

Well, I dragged daughter off to Leon's where we purchased the cheapest black and red fabrics we could and I began my challenge.

Let me tell you, a five foot nine year old does not fit any standard pattern so a lot of altering ensued.   Also a lot of adapting, mocking up, measuring, unpicking, recutting, trigonometry (well, I am a mathematician) and a little swearing (not in daughter's hearing).

Anyway, I've finally finished and here's the result:

Please tell me that is the end of the costumes........


Strictly jen said...

Fantastic job! Very Clara!

Strictly jen said...

I hope this works, fifth time lucky. Great job, very Clara

K Ville said...

Brilliant. Well done you.

Unfortunately, you have just made yourself known to the drama department. keep your head down!

Working Mum said...

Jen - yes, the drama teacher did tell Izzy that red was not a becoming colour for Victorian women after I'd made the dress, but whether my daughter was dressed as a prostitute or not, I wasn't starting again!

K Ville - oh no, I hadn't thought of that!

Linda Metcalf said...

It's wonderful! Good job.

Claire said...

Well done!! That looks very impressive (I can't sew for toffee)....but you did make me laugh in the comments when you said about her possibly being dressed as a prostitute!!!!

scrappysue said...

WOW! supreme effort i'd say! did the teachers defer???