Sunday, 13 October 2013

Turning Back Time

This weekend daughter is away on a school holiday.  

This meant a child free weekend.

Just being able to stop the clock and relax has made a pleasant change from all the bad stuff that seems to be going on in my life at the moment.  My parents are suffering serious health problems and I've been struggling with asthma type symptoms since my cold two weeks ago.  Two inhalers have had no effect and now I'm on mega steroids to try to help me to breathe.  It's been getting me down.

So this weekend I have pottered about doing various little jobs, I have made a batch of maple and pecan fudge from a new recipe, two of our family favourite Pumpkin Cakes with the new season's pumpkins and best of all, yesterday morning, I just picked up my handbag and left the house to do a bit of shopping in the Trafford Centre.

No "We're going out in 10 mins" warning, no "You'll need shoes, not canvas pumps, it's raining" or "Yes, you do need a coat, it's raining" and then 10 minutes of waiting for Tilly Floss to put said shoes and coat on inbetween whinging and whining.

I just picked up my handbag and left!

I browsed around John Lewis, I bought myself "Mary Berry's Christmas Collection" in WH Smith and I treated myself to some Autumn chocolates in Hotel Chocolat.


Then, last night hubby and I went out for a meal to a local restaurant.  We walked there and back, had a relaxing meal and a glass of wine and a chat, to each other!  It was like turning back the clock 10 years!


ADDY said...

I remember those sort of days well, though I'd give anything to have the hectic small child days back again. Hope you recover from your cold symptoms soon. ;)

K Ville said...

I think it's nice to have a break once in a while, wouldn't want to be like it always but once in a while it's bliss. Hope your chest picks up soon.

Suburbia said...