Friday, 4 October 2013

Pudding Pilferer

I have a bit of a running battle with daughter over school puddings.  

You see, school lunches are compulsory at her school so I can't control what she eats.  The menu has lots of lovely healthy options such as homemade soups, jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings, a lovely salad bar, a selection of sandwiches including wraps and bagels, a homemade hot course with vegetables, that's fine.

There is a lovely selection of fruits they can choose to make their own fruit salad with toppings such as yogurt, granola and fruit purees, but the trouble is she just can't resist the syrup sponge with custard, marble cake with custard, cherry crumble with custard............ you get the picture.

Anyway, one day we were coming home from school when I asked her what she'd had for lunch.

"Chilli and nachos with sweetcorn", she replied.

"And for pudding?" I asked

 "Syrup sponge and custard and guess what, mummy?"

"What?"  I asked.

"If I stand on tip toe the dinner lady gives me a bigger portion!"

She seemed so proud of her deception.


ADDY said...

My Dad used to say "You can either have a short and happy life or a long and miserable one." I know what I'd chose. Autumn and winter weather demands sticky puddings and custard. There's no contest!

Liveseygirl said...

I would be worried if it was my eldest son. Can/do you counter it with fruit etc at tea time or even breakfast time? We have to fill our big boy with fruit juices, fig rolls, yogurt raisins etc because he will NOT eat fruit as it comes. Never has even though I made all his baby purees and finger food from scratch. I have to admit a good pudding and custard is nearly impossible to resist ;-)

Polly said...

Well you can't blame a girl who loves a bit of pudding!

Working Mum said...

Liveseygirl - yes, I do balance what she eats at school with what she eats at home. At home we only have a pudding after Sunday lunch, otherwise it's fruit or a yogurt.

I just think there is no need nowadays for stodgy puddings at school every day and I don't want her to get into the habit of eating one every day, but I can only educate her. As you say, these puddings are difficult to resist and the inability to resist high fat/ high sugar foods is one of the contributing factors to high levels of obesity.

Sarah said...

930As long as she's running about working it all off...

Anyway, if you're giving her lots of fresh stuff at home, she's getting all she needs. She probably feels like a good lunch to see her through the afternoon.