Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Half Term Holiday in Haworth

With hubby off on his first trip to Qatar last week (don't mention Qatar), I decided that Izzy and I could go off on holiday without him and booked a lovely cottage in Haworth, Yorkshire for us and my mum and dad:

Izzy was delighted that the cottage was on an Equestrian Centre and the stables were literally oustide her bedroom window:

While we were there we visited the Bronte Parsonage, the Bronte Falls, the National Media Centre, where Izzy read the news ....

.... Skipton Castle.....

.... and Salt's Mill at Saltaire where we saw Hockney's pictures:

However, the rest of the time, we relaxed.  

We watched DVDs, we played games, we had lazy breakfasts and lazy dinners and we lazed about.

We were able to have a lazy, relaxing holiday because we didn't have hubby making us do stuff every minute of every day.

And best of all, when we got home he'd cleaned the house from top to bottom, made us curry and cake for tea and said that he'd missed us.

Perhaps I should go away without him more often?


Suburbia said...

Sounds perfect!

Sarah Ebner said...

This sounds great. Lovely pics and excellent mix on hols between doing stuff and relaxing!

Sarah said...

I take it you were gone for the week! Otherwise that sounds a pretty packed weekend. :)

Reading the news looks fun. I think there's something like that to do at MOMI too.

Claire said...

Sounds lovely and relaxing and just what holidays (in my mind) are about....taking it easy and doing stuff but not at a breakneck speed. Glad you had a lovely time x