Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Breakthrough?

So this week hubby had the following engagements:

Sunday afternoon:  City match
Monday evening - Saxophone lesson
Wednesday evening - Info Evening at work
Thursday and Friday evening - away on a trip with work

On the calendar for Tuesday evening he had written "City" (when I have a choir rehearsal).

"I assume you're not going to the match on Tuesday", I said.

"Ah, yes", he said, "I am; I need to organise a babysitter".

I knew who he meant.

"Well", I said, "I don't want you to ask Pam every time because we need to ask her when we're both at work in the evening, you know, when it's important we have a babysitter."

"Oh", he said.

"Also, you're already at a match on Sunday and out every other evening, so when will you see Izzy?"

"Ah", he said.

"I think you can miss just one match"