Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sod's Law

Ever since we turned the back garden from this:

 to this:

to this:

a process which took four years, I have been saying that I wanted a nice big table and chairs on the patio.

Big enough to entertain friends and family.

Well, after three years of umming and ahing, I finally made a decision and this month I bought this:

So the garden now looks like this:

Of course, twenty minutes after it was delivered it started to rain!


ADDY said...

Noooooooo. Isn't that just typical? Still only another 364 days to our next summer day rumoured to be in August 2014!!

Polly said...

Oh your garden is just lovely. And I do love your outdoor setting, I can see some wonderful BBQs in your future around that table.

Claire said...

Nice! Lets hops you get a long Summer next year to enjoy it to its fullest!! x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden. Teensy bit jealous actually. Lovely choice of furniture. Such a shame about the rain. But this IS England and things like that can really be guaranteed...#rookieerror ;)