Friday, 23 August 2013

Owl Experience

Last April daughter was given a voucher for an Owl Experience at the Gauntlet Bird of Prey Centre.  We booked her in to do it this holiday and off we went.

We went early and looked round at the birds, then went to the "Meet and Greet" to meet some of the animals.  Later we went and watched a great flying display:

(these are kites fighting mid-air for some food)

Then it was daughter's turn for a whole hour one-to-one with a keeper and five different owls.  She held them, fed them and flew them.  The keeper did point out, when daughter kept saying "Aaaaw, cute!", that these were deadly animals and had actually featured on "Deadly 60" with Steve Backshall. 

Here are some highlights:




She said it was ......

"The best day of my life!"

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sod's Law

Ever since we turned the back garden from this:

 to this:

to this:

a process which took four years, I have been saying that I wanted a nice big table and chairs on the patio.

Big enough to entertain friends and family.

Well, after three years of umming and ahing, I finally made a decision and this month I bought this:

So the garden now looks like this:

Of course, twenty minutes after it was delivered it started to rain!

Monday, 19 August 2013


Last week we went to Northumberland for a week in a lovely cottage near Bamburgh.  As the fair weather continued, we had a great week visiting so many places and making up for our somewhat hindered holiday there last October (car broke down, Alnwick Castle shut a month early and had to come home two days early for a funeral).

This time, we had a new, reliable car, so we went to Lindisfarne safe in the knowledge that we should not become one of the Seahouses Lifeboat statistics.  Here's daughter holding Lindisfarne Castle:

We flew kites on the beaches:

We went to The Alnwick Garden where daughter took part in the Great Water Pistol Shoot Out and then played in the fountains:

But, I think the thing she liked best of all was Alnwick Castle where she met these two characters:

 And then two professors taught the Broomstick Training Class.


 And now for the flight:

How did she do?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

China Anniversary

On the 6th August it was our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  

Twenty years!

How did that happen?

20 is the China Anniversary so, together with our friends who were married the week before us and also celebrating a China Anniversary, we went to China Town in Manchester for a Chinese Meal!

Clever, eh?

Now, hubby and I never buy presents for our anniversary, but as this year was special, he splashed out and bought me this:

A china mug!

For a Mathematician!
Ha ha!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Catching Up

I know I've been neglecting the blog this summer.  The unusually fair weather we've been having has sent us outdoors for most of the holidays so I've been busy doing stuff, but not writing about it!  I'll try and catch up in the next few posts.

Firstly, at the start of the summer hols we enjoyed really hot weather so we sorted out the gardens and I managed to sit in the garden for a change.  I also ate a lot of ice cream.

Then we went to Croatia and enjoyed the sun there.

This was our hotel in Cavtat:

Fantastic pool:

 We were only a short boat ride from Dubrovnic:

We walked around the walls to get a good view of the city:

And of course, we ate lots of ice cream:

(Notice a theme here?)