Sunday, 16 June 2013

Enter the Dragon

It's been the usual busy, busy, busy recently, but nothing really worth blogging about. 

Until today.

Hubby has just finished a hectic few weeks of work, work, work and now has a bit more time to be with  us.  Hubby being hubby cannot sit still and suggested an afternoon out.  Of course, it's Father's Day, so we couldn't refuse.

What did he suggest?

Dragon Boat Racing!

Not us, we just went to spectate.

So we took the tram over to MediaCityUK and there, in front of the Blue Peter garden and next to the Lowry, was a Dragon Boat racing competition:

We watched the teams rowing their hearts out to the beat of the drums:

We popped into the Lowry to see the pictures (and for a cup of tea and a slice of cake), then back outside for the Grand Final:

Great fun for Father's Day!

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