Monday, 27 May 2013

Inheritance Spent

You may recall that my MIL left me some money in her will.  A little bit of money, just for me.  I've been struggling to decide what to spend it on.  Like most mums,  I am used to spending money on the family or the house, so trying to decide how to spend it on me has been difficult.

Well, at Easter my mum, unwittingly, solved the problem.  As I was borrowing her sewing machine for the upteenth time in 20 years, she said

"Why don't you buy your own sewing machine?"

and I replied,

"Because I borrow yours!"

To be honest, it hadn't even occcurred to me to buy my own maching, I just borrow my mum's.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought this was a good idea.  I would have a machine readily available in the house; I wouldn't have to arrange to use my mum's.  I would probably use it a lot more if it were easy to get hold of.  Also, sewing machines have moved on since my mum's old Singer (it does straight stitch, zig zag and 4 step buttonholes) so it may encourage me to branch out and do something new.

So I did a bit of reasearch, mithered the Textile teacher at school and then went off to John Lewis on Saturday morning.  The sales assistant was incredibly helpful, and, having been sewing for nearly 50 years herself, very knowledgeable.

So I plumped.

For this one:

I love it!

It's so clever.

It knows to finish with the needle in the fabric, it does lock stitches and overcasting.

It does buttonholes in one step, to the exact size of your button!

It does fancy embroidery stitches, 

The feet fall off and clip on (no need to screw them in).

You can limit the speed of the stitching, like cruise control.

The bobbin goes in on the top of the arm, not underneath, so you can see when it's running low.

It can even thread its own needle!

(Very important now that my near sight is going)

In about 15 minutes I was fully proficient.

Within two hours I had made this:

which daughter thinks is "cool".

Daughter wanted a go, so I helped her to make a matching skirt for Georgina the Giraffe:

  Here she is modelling the skirt in the kitchen:

(Note the fancy stitches around the hem)

I think we'll be making a lot more 'Working Mum Originals' in the future.

Thank you, Reen.


Maggie May said...

Now that was a brilliant thing to spend the money on and other people are benefiting too. I bet your MIL would be well pleased!
I can anticipate it keeping you happily occupied for years to come.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Thank you, Maggie. I think it's something that I will enjoy using a lot, and, as you say, others will benefit and I can also teach my daughter to sew like my mum taught me. A skill for life. A long lasting, enjoyable and useful inheritance.

Linda Metcalf said...

Wonderful that you have your own machine now. I have never been without one and it is in constant use! Oh the places you'll go now! And daughter will learn early and will use the skill many years to come.

Claire said...

Can I just say that Georgina the giraffe is a natural model, what a lovely little half turn she's doing in the kitchen photo.

And the stitches aren't half bad too x

Anna said...

What cool looking machine! It's wonderful that you can sew and obviously enjoy it.

scrappysue said...

it doesn't look like your life has got any less busy! hope you're enjoying your sewing machine. sorry for all the family losses in the past few months

Victoriaaa said...

A gift that will keep on giving. I've always fancied an embroidery machine..I don't know why, I've never sown in my life. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) x