Sunday, 19 May 2013

Foodies Festival Fun

Yes, I did ignore my hubsand's ridiculous comment about the cost of tickets to the Foodies Festival, went ahead and ordered them and yesterday we wrapped up in our waterproofs and braved the wintery weather (in May!) to go to Tatton Park and enjoy a full day of food!

We bought all sorts of yummy things produced by independent food producers like pies from Pie Minister and Andrew Jones Pork Pies, who I was delighted to learn now supplies my local butcher.

I encountered some wonderful new flavours and bought a bottle of Rhubarb and Rose Cordial from Mr Fitzpatrick's Cordials, and gorgeous chocolate with foraged ingredients from Sciolti Botanical Chocolates.  I even bought some Battenburg Fudge from Tom's Fudge which looked just like a slice of Battenberg and I was going to photograph for the blog, but it didn't last long enough!

Best of all I found Ginger's Comfort Emporium:

which I had seen in the Good Food Magazine and was hoping would be there.  Despite the 10 degree temperature and the drizzle I had to have one and I have to say her Plum Crumble Ice Cream was to die for!  I will be scouring Chorlton for her this summer!

We went to a children's cookery class where daughter made butter, tomato soup and carbon dioxide and we went to Emilly Ladybird's demo of how to make Gin and Tonic Cupcakes taken from her up and coming Steampunk Tea Party cookbook. Steampunk cookery; very entertaining!

We also went to a Coeur de Xocolat chocolate tasting session which gave me the funniest moment of the day.  After looking at, touching and smelling the chocolate, we were instructed to listen to the chocolate.  We all dutifully held the chocolate to our ears and the instructor asked,

"What is it saying?"

I swear, to a man, every woman in the place said ............

"Eat me!"

We had a great day out and we've come home with lots of lovely things to eat.  

And it didn't cost £300!



Sarah said...

Sounds much more fun that watching a footy team lose, and you got great stuff to eat too. :)

Claire said...

Thanks for info on the ice cream van - I've just ordered the book for my step sister's birthday in August and hoping that she'll bring some very nice ice cream round in the Summer - win win!!