Thursday, 4 April 2013

TV or not TV?

Last week our TV was possessed.  It decided that whenever we switched it on it would just systematically switch through all the channels available incessantly.  Even if we tried to turn it off (either by the remote or the button on the TV) it would switch itself on again and continue changing channels.  If we tried to watch something we had recorded it switched itself back to TV and continued changing channels.

At the start of the Easter Holidays in the middle of a new series of Masterchef!


Having looked up when we bought it, I found it was four and half years ago, but, thanks to John Lewis and their standard 5 year guarantee on TVs, it was covered.  Unfortunately, with the Easter weekend looming they couldn't collect it until the following week.

We were reduced to watching the little portable in our bedroom.

Then I realised how we watch TV.

We never, ever watch a programme as it airs.

I look in the Radio Times, decide what I want to watch and then record it to watch later at my convenience.

Even if I do watch something "live", I record it and watch it on chase play so that I can pause it if I need to.

BBC programmes we watch via the i-player through the Wii and films and classic series we get from Lovefilm, again via the Wii,.

Even daughter watches her own selection of programmes from CBBC via the i-player, not live.

When did that happen?

So I found myself watching the clock not to miss programmes and then hoping the phone didn't ring to disturb me.  Wasn't that what watching TV used to be like?


Anonymous said...

Hi there, did you know if you only watch programmes via the iplayer you don't have to pay for a TV license? Might save you some money if you never watch live transmissions Blods

Working Mum said...

Anonymous - thank you for the info, however, if you possess equipment which is capable of receiving TV signals as they are transmitted (eg a TV or a HD recorder or an old fashioned video recorder), you do need a licence even if you don't watch live TV. We'd have to get rid of our TVs and HD recorder and just watch via a laptop to avoid a TV licence fee. Not quite there yet!