Thursday, 4 April 2013

Compensation Culture

Easter is the time I order our annual, yes, annual, wine delivery.  I order it all together from Tesco Wine Warehouse, 5% off and free delivery and this time I also had a £5 voucher.

Three cases of red, two rose and one white.


However, I made the fatal mistake of leaving the house when the delivery was due and leaving hubby in charge.

When I returned I took one look at the boxes and said, "That's wrong".

There was a box of French red I hadn't ordered and a box of my rose was missing.

Hubby hadn't thought to check the delivery against the delivery note.

I rang up to explain and ask them to take away the incorrect box and delivery the correct one.

"I can't do that", the man said, "I can refund you the amount for the box of rose"

"And what about the incorrect box?" I asked.

"You can keep that" he said.

"But it isn't the wine I wanted", I said.

"But can you drink it?" he asked.

What really annoyed me was that he seemed to think I should be placated by a free box of wine, instead of apologising for their error and correcting their mistake.

Compensation culture at work!


Polly said...

Seems to be laziness to me, to actually come back and fix the problem.

Sarah said...

That's your annual consumption? Wow, you're abstemious! ;)

Working Mum said...

Polly - exactly, I'm sure the correct box must have been in the driver's van and someone else would be missing the French red. How hard is it to phone the driver and find out?

Sarah - I think I am a bit puritanical about it; I never drink alcohol on a school night - I'd love to, but it's a slippery slope....