Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cakes and Brakes

So here are the cakes I made for a cupcake demo for year 11 pupils:

Today I thought I would get ahead and prepare everything in advance for daughter's birthday cake before I go to sing at the Bridgewater Hall this afternoon.  Her birthday is on Friday and with Choir rehearsal on Tuesday, another Parents' Evening this Wednesday (I'm sure that's the 37th Parents' Evening I've done this year) and piano lesson and Brownies on Thursday, I just won't have much time during the week.

I baked the cake, which I can freeze, I made the buttercream which is now in the fridge and I decided to check the colours of regal ice I had for the decorations.  I needed two more colours and thought I'd nip to the cake shop and buy them rather than waste time making them.

I hopped into my car, turned it on, took the handbrake off and.............. my car wouldn't move.

Checked again, yes, handbrake is off.  

Car won't move.  

Brakes locked.


Have now booked my car into garage on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed it will manage to get around tomorrow (I'm doing a chocolate course) and Monday (need it to take daughter and friend to choir rehearsals after school).

What else can conspire to make my life even busier than it already is?


Lorraine The Party Times said... if you haven't got enough on - isn't it always the way when you are really up against it that something else goes wrong!!!

Maggie May said...

Beautiful cakes....... too bad about the brakes.
Didn't mean that to sound like poetry!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Bit late to the party, but hope your week has gone well and the car is now fixed!

Cakes look fantastic.

CJ x

Christina Wylie said...

Fabulous cakes :D I wish I could bake like this <3