Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bear Birthday

This weekend was daughter's 9th birthday and after wearing ourselves out last year doing an Olympic Party, (and that was with 3 PE teachers helping!) we decided to take the easy option and throw money at her birthday this year.  We invited 8 girls to a Build a Bear Workshop Party followed by lunch at Pizza Hut.  It was easy, stress free and daughter said it was "awesome"!

Daughter chose Paddington Bear:

 while her friends chose a variety of other bears.

They stuffed them, hugged them and dressed them.  

We then trooped along to Pizza Hut where they built their pizzas, ate them and then had unlimited ice-cream factory:

Then it was time for the cake...........

I didn't know what to do this year, so my  hairdresser suggested a pizza cake.  

Great idea!

I didn't have much time last week, so in true, Working Mum style, I had to be organised.  Last Saturday I made the sponge and put it in the freezer, I made the buttercream and put it in the fridge and grated some white chocolate.  Then, on Thursday, after I'd dropped daughter at Brownies, I popped into my local pizza place and begged a box off them, came home, made the decorations and assembled the cake:

 I think she liked it.

Happy 9th Birthday, Izzy!


Claire said...

So glad you found it easier than last year, you'll now never go back to homemade parties!!!

And Izzy's face says it all really :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Working Mum! Am back to blogging with a new blog after a long break. Glad to see you still here. My daughter used to work at Build a Bear. She said it was insane! But great fun. Your daughter certainly looks happy :)