Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A nice little walk

Yesterday a friend of mine pointed out that I had been neglecting my blog recently, and that's true.  Since we broke up for Easter I have been chilling, relaxing, baking, seeing friends and doing a few jobs like ordering new mattresses and making some bunting for daughter's playhouse.

Unfortunately, hubby can't relax.  A day without leaving the house is a day wasted to him and by yesterday he was virtually stir crazy.

"Tomorrow we're going for a nice little walk", he announced.

Daughter looked horrified.

I explained that in a family you have to do things that different people want to do and tomorrow we would do what daddy wanted.

So this morning I packed a picnic and we set off.

Did he take us for a walk in a nice sheltered place like a wood or forest?

Of did he take us up along the edge of the Pennines where the biting wind could freeze our faces?

Yes, he took us for "nice little walk" in this:

These are not smiles, these are grimaces:

Luckily, daughter decided to put her brave, explorer face on:

and we set off into the arctic conditions.
(I may be exaggerating for effect)

We walked along part of the Gritstone Trail to the Bowstones:

Daughter wasn't impressed that these stones are about 1000 years old, she thought they hadn't worn well!

We huddled together and picniced in the shelter of a dry stone wall trying to avoid the bitter wind and then, after walking over the moors, hills and the snow drifts:

we eventually landed back at Lyme Park where a well deserved hot chocolate was had by all.

Six miles, frozen faces and ice cubes for toes.

 A nice little walk indeed!


mater familias said...

Looks jolly good to me . . . from the comfort of my central-heated home!

ADDY said...

We've had freezing winds down here in London for the last few days where the wind-chill has nearly bitten off all the skin on my face, so I cannot imagine a 6-mile walk and a picnic out in it! You have my utter respect!

Maggie May said...

Sounded like a substantial little walk! You seemed to have fun though.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Helen L Conway said...

Sounds like Husband is channelling my Dad. This year, despite vertigo, spondilosis, impaired vision and two knee replacements his requested Christmas present was ... Ice crampons!