Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Has Spring Term finished yet?

I know I always seem to be going on about how busy life is, but this term has been ridiculous.  I've had year 11 mock exams, four parents' evenings, year 10 school exams and four year groups' reports plus my form's reports to write on top of normal teaching and marking.  Preparing and teaching lessons has seemed a tiny part of my job this term!

Not only that, but a colleague was taken ill and has been off work for the last three weeks so I have also written some of his reports, marked some of his year 10 exams and taught one of his classes (a real juggling act trying to teach two year 11 classes at once - teach one, set work for the other and vice versa, you could have made a sitcom from it!).

I know a lot has been squashed into a short term because Easter is early, but really!

On top of this I've done two concerts with the Manchester Chorale and enabled daughter to do a myriad of activities and parties.  I even moved heaven and earth to attend daughter's Swimming Gala and Class Concert (swapped dinner duty, pursuaded a colleague to take my form's register and begged the Proctor not to put me on cover on particular lessons and did cover elsewhere instead).

Sometimes I wonder how I fitted it all in!

Now I've caught the mother of all colds and can't have time off work because we're already a man down! 

Thank goodness for Tesco deliveries, non-iron school shirts and a freezer full of homemade pasta sauces and casseroles I'd made earlier.  

Roll on Easter!


ADDY said...

Just reading that.... I'm going to have to lie down!

Anonymous said...

What frantic lives working people have these days.

Hope you can keep your head above water for just one more week.

Good Luck!

Granny G

Anonymous said...

Knackered just reading that post! I know you teachers work flippin hard outside school hours - you will ready for that Easter break!

CJ x

Maggie May said...

You are certainly kept busy at school. I can remember it being like that for everyone....... just like jumping on a hamster wheel and not being allowed off.

Hope your cold goes quickly and that you have a good Easter holiday.
Maggie x

Nuts in May