Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Has Spring Term finished yet?

I know I always seem to be going on about how busy life is, but this term has been ridiculous.  I've had year 11 mock exams, four parents' evenings, year 10 school exams and four year groups' reports plus my form's reports to write on top of normal teaching and marking.  Preparing and teaching lessons has seemed a tiny part of my job this term!

Not only that, but a colleague was taken ill and has been off work for the last three weeks so I have also written some of his reports, marked some of his year 10 exams and taught one of his classes (a real juggling act trying to teach two year 11 classes at once - teach one, set work for the other and vice versa, you could have made a sitcom from it!).

I know a lot has been squashed into a short term because Easter is early, but really!

On top of this I've done two concerts with the Manchester Chorale and enabled daughter to do a myriad of activities and parties.  I even moved heaven and earth to attend daughter's Swimming Gala and Class Concert (swapped dinner duty, pursuaded a colleague to take my form's register and begged the Proctor not to put me on cover on particular lessons and did cover elsewhere instead).

Sometimes I wonder how I fitted it all in!

Now I've caught the mother of all colds and can't have time off work because we're already a man down! 

Thank goodness for Tesco deliveries, non-iron school shirts and a freezer full of homemade pasta sauces and casseroles I'd made earlier.  

Roll on Easter!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Inheritance Dilemma

I guess I must have been a reasonable daughter-in-law because my MIL left me a bequest in her will.  She left me an antique French ring, a choice of another piece from her jewellery and some money, just for me!

I've chosen my other piece of jewellery; I chose a string of pearls.  I know they are not terribly fashionable at the moment, but I like pearls, I will wear them (I have already) and I will pass them on to daughter when she's older, maybe on her wedding day, as is traditional.

Now, my dilemma is what to do with the money.

I'd like to buy something long lasting and memorable rather than the patio furniture we want this year, repairing the spare bedroom window or indulging in one of these:
Hubby has said he would like to buy a picture with some of his money, maybe commission a local artist to do a picture of Izzy, so I don't want a piece of art as well.  I don't want to buy another piece of jewellery as I've already got two of  MIL's pieces.

A friend of mine had a very good suggestion of Life Membership of National Trust, but that costs £1800 which is more than I've got.  I think I will give a tithe to charity, but what to do with the rest?

Any suggestions?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

My First Mothers' Day

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day.  I've learned over the years to not have any expectations and then I can't be disappointed.  Even on my first ever Mothers' Day, hubby invited his mum out to lunch with us as well.  However, this year, for the first time in nine years, it's going to be ALL ABOUT ME!!

My MIL (who has been with us on every Mothers' Day since I married hubby) passed away last summer and my mum is currently in New Zealand on a mammoth holiday, so there's only ME!  In essence, this year is my first proper Mothers' Day.

Hubby has promised me bacon butties for breakfast before he takes daughter swimming and asked what I would like him and daughter to make for lunch (to be honest, I think up seven meals a week, so it would be nice not to have to think up a meal, but to make sure I get something I like, I have obliged).  I'm having chorizo and butterbeans in red wine followed by chocolate fondants (hubby's specialities) with Ben and Jerry's Baked Alaska ice cream (on offer this week).

I'm hoping for a relaxing day doing just what I want (only slightly punctuated with supervising piano practice and ironing daughter's school skirt - hubby can't stand the pleats!) and without being mithered, whinged at, or interrupted.

Are my expectations too high?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Making an exhibition of yourself

On Saturday I did a bizarre kind of concert.  It was the 50+ exhibition at Manchester Central (formerly G-Mex) and they'd asked us, The Manchester Chorale, to turn up and do a half hour slot to entertain the crowds.

When we got there we found that there were no changing facilities so we had to change in the toilets, that the stage was not a stage, but a catwalk (?!) and that we were competing alongside a Zumba class!

Needless to say it was not our best performance, we couldn't hear the conductor, or ourselves, and we had to abandon one quiet piece of music because we were drowned out by Beyonce!

Well, it was an experience.

I then wandered round the exhibition hoping that people would think,

"She looks good for her 50s!"

(I'm 43, by the way)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Horse for tea anyone?

After work on Friday daughter and I popped into to Tesco.  Daughter took her soft toy horse in with her.  When we got to the tills she put her horse on the conveyor belt to watch it move along.  As we approached the young man working on the till, he looked at the horse and said,

"Did you get that in the meat ailse?"

Top marks for sense of humour, Tesco man!